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PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football



How do I start a 7 on 7 Team?

It's easy to start a 7 on 7 team. First, you must identify a parent who is willing to coach the 7 on 7 team. Then, that parent should arrange to organize 12-20 kids who would like to play 7 on 7 football. You should develop a practice schedule (most teams practice once or twice a week), as well as determine what tournaments/leagues your team would like to enter.

How many players can we bring to a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Tournament?

We encourage teams to bring at least 10 players to each PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 tournament, particularly in the later part of the season. Teams are permitted to have up to 20 players on their team.

Does my 7 on 7 Team have to come from the same school?

PrimeTime Sports requires your team to be comprised of players that will come from the same high school. Players from different middle schools or junior high schools may play on the same team provided that they are scheduled to attend the same high school. We require that your players come from the same high school district as this is a chance for your team to develop teamwork skills and to practice schemes that they will use in the fall.

Can school coaches coach 7 on 7 teams?

While the rules vary from state to state, school coaches in the state of Texas are not allowed to coach their school's 7 on 7 team during the offseason (see Tournament Rules for more details).

What kind of plays should my team run?

Generally, we suggest that your team should start by running offensive and defensive plays that are run by your school (or regular) team.

Should I have only a quarterback, wide receivers and defensive backs on my 7 on 7 team?

While 7 on 7 football showcases quarterbacks, wide receivers and defensive backs, we recommend running your base personnel (including linebackers and running backs), as 7 on 7 will provide meaningful, relevant experience for those positions, as well.

Can the team coach be on the field with the team?

PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football Tournaments offer kids and teams the opportunity to practice their skills so they can be better prepared for football in the fall. Therefore, we do allow coaches to be on the field with their team when their team is on offense. Generally, however, team coaches remain on the sidelines during their team's games.

What are the rules for 7 on 7 football?

See the rules at Tournament Rules.

Any other helpful hints for managing a 7 on 7 team?

Most teams use notecards to develop a 'playbook'. The center usually carries the notecards, attached to a single ring, so the players can easily see and call plays during the game.


How do I register for a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Tournament?

Tournament registration is online. Go to the Tournament Calendar. There, you will be directed to the online registration form and directions on how to submit payment.

How much does each 7 on 7 Tournament cost?

All regular season PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Tournaments will cost $250 per team (or less if the team opts to purchase a Multi-Tournament Package - see below for more details). The PrimeTime Sports Tournament of Champions will cost $375 per team.

How does the multi-tournament discount work?

Teams can now receive a discount when they enter into and pay for 3 or more regular season tournaments at once (the Tournament of Champions is not eligible for this discount). Teams that wish to take advantage of this offer will pay one fee equal to $225 per tournament times the number of tournaments that they enter at that time (minimum of 3 tournaments). Teams will choose the tournaments that they have chosen to play when they make their payment (remember, teams must choose to play in at least 3 or more tournaments).


You can find more details about this discount on our registration pages (see Tournament Calendar).

When is the cutoff for registering for a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Tournament?

Teams must register for a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football Tournament at least 2 weeks prior to the Tournament Date.


When and where is tournament check-in and what do we need to bring to check-in?

Tournament check-in will be held approximately 45 minutes prior to the first game of the 7 on 7 tournament, and will generally be at the main field of the tournament. Specific locations will be provided to all tournament coaches during the week before the tournament. Teams are required to provide their roster at the time of check-in.


When are schedules for each tournament posted?

The schedules for each tournament will generally be posted to this website by Wednesday of the week of the Tournament (may be earlier in some instances).

How do I qualify for the Tournament of Champions?

Teams qualify for the Tournament of Champions by finishing either first or second in pool play at any PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football Tournament.

Where do you get your referees?

PrimeTime Sports only uses qualified, certified officials to referee PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football Tournaments. We obtain our referees through experienced 7 on 7 referee assignors for the region where the tournament will be held. Most of the referees at PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football Tournaments have prior 7 on 7 referee experience.

How can I host a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Tournament?

Call Brandon Hollmann, Manager of Football Operations, or Jeff Chase, Director of Football Operations, at 972 539-9106 x2 if you are interested in hosting a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football Tournament.

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