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Having sponsored and coached youth teams in the past, we have a clear understanding of the fund raising demands for youth activities. We understand that the entry fee is only the beginning, as you also face expenses for equipment, facility rental, uniforms and travel. To assist your team, school or church, we have identified several rund raising options which have proven successful for other young groups and teams. We invite you to check out these fund raising tools and lessen the financial burden to you and your families. Good Luck!

Host Site

PrimeTime Sports is always looking to add quality sites to our circuit of tournaments. We offer an outstanding opportunity for local schools and other facilities to raise monies, with minimal work and commitment from the group members.
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A unique fund raising opportunity exists by sponsoring a PrimeTime Sports Basketball Skills Clinic. By partnering with your team or local school group, we will market the clinic, staff the clinic, and purchase give-aways, with your group receiving a portion of the clinic registration fees.
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Athletic Wear

PrimeTime Sports has teamed with a quality provider of athletic wear, including t-shirts, basketball shorts, and sweat shirts. Using our supplier's ability to purchase goods at a discount, your group can acquire such items at a low cost and then pocket the gain on sales to parents, fans, and community members. This tool works for your school and church groups, as well.
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