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PrimeTime Sports Cup Qualifier Entry Form

* — Information is required.

* Coach Name

* Coach's Phone

You must provide at least one contact phone number:


* Gender:     Boys
* Skill Division
(Bronze division
for recreational):    
Academy (U6-10)
Competitive (U11-U12)
Playing Association and Division *:
2014-2015 Win-Loss Record *:
Age Group, 2014-2015 soccer year *:
U6      U7      U8      U8 (9v9)      U9 (9v9)      U9 (11v11)     
U10 (11v11)     U11     U12     U13     U14     U15     U16     U17     U19

PrimeTime Sports reserves the right to combine age groups and/or skill divisions if necessary. An age group will not be combined with any age group other than the one immediately younger or older. For example, the U11 age group could be combined with U12, but not U13. If your team wants your entry conditioned upon not participating in a combined age group and/or skill division, please indicate that in the Schedule Request section below; otherwise you are consenting to playing in combined age group and/or skill divisions if the circumstance arises.

All entries are subject to field availability and availability of spots in the age groups and skill divisions, even if your team registers prior to the deadline.

Will you need hotel rooms for your team? Yes   No

T-Shirts - $10.00 pre-order, $15.00 on site. If you do not know how many you need right now, please leave blank and call in your pre-order when ready. Call-in pre-orders are due by Friday, one week before the tournament. All orders received after this time will be sold at the on site price.
Enter number of t-shirts to order

Promo Code (if applicable):

Individual Tournament Entry: Entry Fee for an individual tournament is based on age group.
ACADEMY: U6-U8 (7v7) = $325, U8-U9 (9v9) = $350, U9-U10 (11v11) = $375
COMPETITIVE: U11-U14 = $400, U15-U19 = $450

Multiple Team or Tournament Entry:
This package is available for (please select the appropriate choice for your entry):

Any club which enters 3 or more teams into 1 tournament. Please complete a separate online registration for each team.
Any team entering 3 or more tournaments.

The Entry Fees are based on age group.
ACADEMY: U6-U8 (7v7) = $295, U8-U9 (9v9) = $320, U9-U10 (11v11) = $345
COMPETITIVE: U11-U14 = $370, U15-U19 = $420

Entry deadline is subject to change for each tournament. Please contact the soccer office for entry deadlines 972-355-3788 ext 116. Any entry or entry fee accepted after the Entry Deadline will be subject to a $25 late entry fee. All Entry Fees must be in the form of a money order, cashiers check, or credit card.

You must select at least one tournament. Any entry and withdrawal shall be subject to the policies and procedures of PrimeTime Sports and US Club Soccer.

August 8-10 Dallas, TX
November 21-23 McKinney, TX
February 6-8 Carrollton, TX
May 1-3 Carrollton, TX
May 8-10 Carrollton, TX

PrimeTime Sports Cup Championship Tournament
June 5-7, 2015
LOCATION: Carrollton, TX

2014 Cup Championship Entry Form

Scheduling Requests

The scheduling requests will be considered and addressed on a first submitted, first considered basis. The earlier a request is submitted and the more specific and narrow the request, the greater the likelihood the request may be accommodated. All requests must be submitted below or by email to or by fax to 972-874-2565. Phone requests can not be considered.

The Scheduling Request:

Is a condition of the team's participation. If it cannot be met, the team cannot participate. If selected, this may prohibit the acceptance of your entry.

Allows players/coaches to avoid conflicts or assists in travel from outside the area, but team will participate even if the request cannot be met.

Specific request - examples include 'Avoid time conflicts with our U14 team', 'No Friday game(s)', 'We want to play all three games on Saturday (U5-U8 Rec only), etc.':

Reason for request - examples include 'Coach has more than one team in this tournament', 'Team is not local', 'This is a new team', etc.:

[this information must be included in Entry Form transmitted by email to PTS upon submission]

Participation Agreement

For questions on player eligibility and protests, see Eligibility Rules

In consideration of being allowed to participate, each participant and their legal representative, waive all claims for injury, accident or loss of any kind and hereby release PrimeTime Sports, LLC, all tournament sites, sponsoring organizations, and their employees, members and representatives from any claims or liability. As further consideration to participation, each participant and their legal representative consents to PrimeTime Sports taking photographs and video of participants at event sites, and PrimeTime Sports retains the right to use any such video or photographs for publicity and advertising. This Agreement shall apply and extend to any and all events of PrimeTime Sports, LLC, held from August 1, 2014 to July 31, 2015.

As coach/manager, I will accept full responsibility for the conduct of my players, coaches, and spectators before during and after our games and will promote only the best sportsmanship among all of us, win or lose. I further agree that my players, coaches, managers, and spectators will be bound by the Rules and Policies of PrimeTime Sports, LLC.

By submitting this Entry, you are agreeing on behalf of the team named, to participate in and pay the entry fee for the tournament(s) selected. To withdraw from a tournament, you must advise our office by fax or email. Any entry and withdrawal shall be subject to the policies and procedures of PrimeTime Sports and either US Club Soccer or the North Texas State Soccer Association.

To complete your entry, you must:

Mail entry fee payment to PrimeTime Sports, P.O. Box 271595, Flower Mound, TX 75027-1595. You may also pay with credit/debit card by calling 972-874-2564. The entry fee must be received within 5 business days to hold your entry in the tournament. If the entry fee is not received within this time period, your entry, at the option of PrimeTime Sports, may be deemed to be a withdrawal, subject to the policies and procedures of PrimeTime Sports.

Submission of your entry will take you to a page that describes the required paperwork you will need at tournament check-in. Please read that page thoroughly. If you have any questions, please email the Tournament Director at

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